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Mercedes 190E Cosworth "W201"


Developed under the code name "W201", the Mercedes Group B effort was doomed from the start. The W201 used a front engine, rear drive arrangement. Once the 4WD Audi Quattro was released, Mercedes shelved the idea. The RWD platform later used in the 190 series of cars was developed with help from Cosworth to compete in heated battles in DTM.

The Mercedes 190E later went on to win many DTM races and to be evolved into one of the most stunning german cars ever to be produced. Former World F1 Champion Ayrton Senna won the inaugural opening race at the new Nurburgring race track in a prepared 190E. Many race & endurance records were set by this model including the DTM Series which saw the blitzing & demolition of the M3 BMWs.

Worldwide only 502 Evo I examples were produced. Factory option available at the time included: driver's SRS Airbag, Traction control, Bilstein suspension & self-levelling rear-end, electric Recaro leather seats, limited slip differential, headlight washers & cruise control and sold for near $180,000.

The stunning Evo II was later produced. Like the Evo I only 502 of these were produced, all sporting aggressive aero and wheels.

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