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Group B rally has been banned for over 20 years now. Regardless of two decades of technological advances, Group B cars still inspire awe. I hope you enjoy what you see. Much of the info comes from other sites than you may have already seen. I hope there is also some new info for you to discover here. This site hopes to pool all of the info found on Group B cars, including prototypes and cars in the under 1300cc class, into one site.

Many know of the famous Audi Quattro, Ford RS200, and Peugeot 205 T16, but this does not show the full picture of Group B. Rules allowed manufacturers to create small production run specials of their mass produced roadgoing cars. They needed only to produce 20 evolution models of a regular production car to compete so long as more than 200 production cars were produced. This allowed manufacturers with large budgets to produce a new specialized model with 200 "regular" cars and 20 cutting edge specials as well as manufacturers with smaller budgets to evolutionize one of their regular production cars for racing. Many forgotten cars fit into this second category: Citroen Visa 1000 Pistes, Skoda 130LR and the Talbot-Lotus Sunbeam. Many cars were homologated by their manufacturers so that their customers could drive a nearly stock car in a world class event with a much smaller budget than is possibe today. This was the real goal of group B. By reducing restrictions on numbers of cars homologated, companies could produce competative race cars for less money.

I am currently looking for people that can help me to research and edit the details on this site. If anyone is interested, please send me an email: webmaster@groupbrally.com

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