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Lada VFTS (2105)

  • Lada VFTS (Zhiguli 2105)
  • Homologation: 01.10.1982 (B222)
  • Weight: 920kg (lbs)(Evo 1)
  • Weight: 820kg (lbs) with aluminum components (Evo 2)
Engine Specifications:
  • Engine: 1569cc Inline 4 cylinder
  • Bore: 79.5mm
  • Stroke: 80mm
  • Compression: 11.5:1
  • Induction: Two Weber 40 DCOE Carburetors
  • Power: 160hp @ 7000rpm
  • Torque: 164.8 Nm @ 5500rpm
I was also sent some info on a 1.8L turbo VFTS 2105 Engine
  • Engine: 1.8L (Evo) Inline 4 cylinder
  • Induction: Forced Turbo
  • Head: DOHC 16v
  • Power: 240hp

Also known as the Zhiguli, this Russian car, based on the Fiat 124, started production in 1970 with the 2101. It remained a Russian best seller for decades afterwards. In Vilnius (Lithuania) a firm called VFTS constructed modified racing versions of the old Lada. The Lada 2105 VFTS was created by the legendary Soviet racer Stasys Brundza, who won the 1974 Tour d' Europe in a Moskvitch-412 and placed 6th in 1976 Acropolys Rally in a Lada 1600.

Lada Samara EVA

  • Homologation: None - Prototype
  • Layout: Mid Engine, RWD
Engine Specifications:
  • Engine: 1860cc Inline 4 cylinder (Zhiguli)
  • Head: DOHC 16 Valve
  • Fuel: Electronic
  • Induction: Forced Turbo
  • Power: 300hp

Based on the Lada 2108 model, VFTS built a Group B special. This was a rear wheel drive sports car with the engine of 300 hp. Several prototypes had been built and funds were allocated for constructing the 200 homologation copies, but the project never happened because of the cessation of Group B at the end of 1986.

Some info found on the Auto Soviet site. Also, special thank you to Edward from Russia (South Ural - Kuvandyck, near Orenburg city and near Kazakhstan border). He has sent me several emails on several Group B cars I never had even heard of. Still, Lada Information is difficult to find. If anyone has any more information, please contact me.