Mazda RX-7


  • Mazda RX7 (FB332)
  • Homologation: 01.02.1984 (B255)
  • Class: ?? (1308cc x 2.0 = 2615cc)
  • Weight: 960kg

Engine Specifications:

  • Engine: 1308cc Wankel Rotary
  • Power: 300hp @ 8500rpm
  • Torque: 270 @ 7500rpm

Mazda wanted no part of the Group B class. Early efforts by Rod Millen and Timo Salonen seemed to be ignored. Achim Warmbold aimed to get their attention by creating Mazda Rally Team (MRT), but Mazda headquarters appeared to ignore it. Several drivers competed in group B RX7s. Ingvar Carlsson placed 3rd in the 1985 Rally Acropolis for MRT. Achim Warmbold managed to place 6th at that rally as well. Mazda did notice these results, but instead of backing the Group B RX7s, they decided to put their effort behind a group A 323.

Mazda RX-7 4×4

I have searched and searched and have found no information on a Group B 4×4 RX7 quoted elsewhere. It is correct that Rod Millen built a 4×4 RX7 that competed in the Open class in the SCCA Pro Rally series. The car was not intended as a Group B car only to compete against them in Open Class. His main competition was from American John Buffum competing in Audi’s Quattro. Millen later went on to build a 4WD (FC3S) for Pikes Peak. This car was later sold to RE-Amemiya in Japan followed by someone in New Zealand who later tried to sell it on ebay.


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