Moskvich 2141-KR


  • Mosskvich 2141-KR
  • Homologation: None – Prototype
  • Layout: Mid Engine (Longetudinal), RWD
  • Top Speed: 125mph

Engine Specifications:

  • 1995cc Inline 4 Cylinder
  • Induction: Naturally Aspirated
  • Fuel: Twin Weber Carbs
  • Power: 175hp

The Moskvitch “2141”, although a technical layout not very advanced, was realized also in some special version. The “2141-KR” (four pics above) is the extreme developement of the muscovite car; it was realized in the 1989 for the Group “B” rallies, and it has a 1995 cc. engine -placed centrally- with two Weber carburettors, and 175 hp of max power! This car, after a not brilliant career, is now in a private collection. An exemplar of Lancia Delta S4 is surely more prestigious…but it’s not strange and particular like a Moskvitch rally car! The prototype now stands in Autoreview museum (Moscow)


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